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The information I have gathered on the McQueen's is a little more specific. In 1852 Ivie McQueen, his wife Marion Anderson and 3 children and one adult migrated from Ayr County Scotland to Michigan. There was one adult named Mary 39 yrs old  who was the daughter of Ivie's from a previous marriage. In the census she was described as simple minded. So we can assume that she was mentally challenged. The other three children were James 19 yrs, the oldest, William 16 yrs (my great-grandfather), Jane 13 yrs and John 10 yrs.. They stayed with Martha's sister, Agnes, in Michigan until the summer and then moved to Ohio. There Ivie purchased land in Recovery Township. In 1853 Ivie died from causes we do not know. At that time the state of Ohio did not keep death records. James died sometime in 1861. William married his first cousin Janet Woodburn daughter of Hugh Woodburn and Agnes Anderson in 1861. There my grandfather, Ivie James McQueen was born. After the birth of their second child, Agnes in 1863, William and Janet loaded up the wagons and headed west to Iowa. There they stayed until after their eighth child, George was born in 1879, then headed further west to Sheridan County Kansas. There they remained but with a short stay in Sterling, Rice County Kansas for the birth of their last child, Elizabeth in 1884. They remained in Sheridan County  until 1908. They moved to Orange County California where they both died within months of each other in 1918. William and Janet are buried in Fairhaven Memorial Park, Santa Ana, California. Jane and John McQueen remained in Coldwater, Ohio for the remainder of their lives. John served in the civil war and became a successful farmer in Washington township. He also was the treasurer of Washington Township. He married Margaret Jamieson and together they had 13 children. Most of the descendants are still in the Ohio area. Jane married John Ransbottom. They had one son, Dr. Ivah J. Ransbottom who became quite famous for helping save the county from an epidemic of diphtheria at the turn of the century. He also served in the Spanish American War and World War I. He served as Public Health Service Physician for four years in Philippines and Panama fighting against malaria and yellow fever. Well that's about it for a bunch of old Scots. My grandfather while in Kansas met my grandmother and they had six children which my mother was one and the rest is history.





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