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A cold front came through the eastern Colorado plains and cold rain, thunder kept some of the family members away. The number of family members was low, approximately 56 attended.

Here comes the rain


Still coming

Joyce, Clifford, Jeannie, Gilbert

Martha (Skinner) McQueen & Wilbur Hill

Paul McQueen

Debra (McQueen) & Friend Bill

Martha McQueen & Wilber Hill

Paul (Buddy) McQueen and family

Debra McQueen & Friend

Linda McQueen

Pauline Polhemus

David Wilson

Linda McQueen & Keith McQueens's Friend

Pauline  Polhemus

David Wilson

Mike, Sharon, Pam

Nancy & Sarah

Gordon & Wilberta Muchmore

Mike Skinner, Sharon Skinner, Pamela Skinner

Nancy (Stanley) Keyton & Sarah (Skinner) Wilson

Wilberta (Hill) & Gordon Muchmore


McQueen Friends


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